Use your time bands productively with Depot-Line 7000!

Depot-Line 7000 is very suitable for the automation on sliding head lathe, turning shop and other machine tools. You can also benefit from production optimization thanks to SPC controls!

Produktionsstunden 7000
  • During the night and at the weekend
  • Up to 16 hours autonomic work 
  • Target 7000 hours per year
  • Individually adjustable number of Depot-Line 7000 storage spaces
  • Optimised production planning for Depot-Line 7000
  • Single turned parts and small serie production during the day
  • Long-running turned parts overnight
  • For the automation on machine tools (sliding head lathe) and turning shops

Your production optimisation with the use of Mecha Depot-Line 7000

Depot-Line 7000 creates a large potential for rationalization on machine tools such as sliding head lathe, multi-spindle machines, short turning machines, bar/milling and turning centers as well as cylindrical grinding and centerless grinding machines. Thanks to automation, statistical process control (SPC), a reduction in the loss of parts and a guaranteed contact-free separation and storage of turned parts, production optimization can be guaranteed.

Depot-Line 7000 enables automatic implementation of quality control plans and statistical process controls (SPC)

SPC Prüfpläne
  • Guarantee the separation of turned parts with no human influencing factor
  • Number of control parts and interval can be individually programmed 

Depot-Line 7000 protects the surfaces of turned parts from sliding head lathe, turning shops and other machine tools 

  • Parts are placed non-contact in single or defined batch sizes in oil to limit the risk of material damage

Depot-Line 7000 enables autonomous operation of the Mecha part separators

autonomer Betrieb
  • Simply retrofit to existing machines, as the parts separators are operated electrically and autonomously
  • Optional machine interface (ready for operation, memory full)
  • Same workpiece storage can be used on multiple machines (turning shops, sliding head lathe, machine tools)

Depot-Line 7000 offers parts separation and temporary workpiece storage 

Separation und Ablage
  • Container DepotMax: Parts are stored individually
  • Container DepotMini: Parts are stored in oil in defined batch sizes

Depot-Line provides all prerequisites for the production of parts families 

  • Separated storage of different parts families
  • When switching program to CNC control - container change with M code
  • Parts are placed non-contact in single or defined batch sizes in oil to limit the risk of material damage

Depot-Line 7000 prevents the loss of workpieces 

Teileverlust vermeiden
  • Loss-free parts unloading from the machine using vacuum suction

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