DepotBox - Automatic box changer for test machines, feed presses and multi-spindles

Automatic box changers enable operation without user Intervention over several Hours.

DepotBox is a box changer designed specifically for this purpose and enables autonomic depositing of parts during the night with no user intervention required, placing a consistent number of workpieces in plastic boxes, washing baskets, or cardboard boxes. The parts are automatically stored during production and are available at the end of production, sorted and counted for further process steps such as washing, or for shipping. This enables further optimization of your processes, resulting in more efficient production.
DepoBox can be seamlessly integrated into a production process with little effort. The connection to a test machine, a feed press, or multi-spindle can be variably configured. DepoBox can also be extended with variable feed systems that form the interface between DepoBox and the upstream machine.

All advantage at a glance:

  • Enables increased autonomy
  • Parts are counted directly into plastic boxes, washing boxes, or cardboard boxes
  • Mounted on rollers for guaranteed machine accessibility
  • Fail-safe system thanks to paternoster principle with chains
  • Adjustable number and size of enclosures
  • Adjustable number and size of plastic boxes/washing boxes/cardboard boxes
  • Can be seamlessly integrated into a production process with little effort
  • Control panel is independent of the machining system
  • No additional programming and re-tooling required
  • Low space requirements

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