DepotVacuum -  The solution for safely unloading micro-components directly from the machine with vacuum extraction


In the manufacture of micro-components with a diameter of 0.2 - 8.0 mm, part removal using a conveyer belt or chute as provided on the machine tool may cause a component loss of up to 30% inside the tool. Delicate parts may also be damaged.

To solve this problem, Mecha has developed the DepotVacuum. It enables direct extraction of micro-components from inside the machine with a vacuum hose and deposits the components in the DepoMini containers. The vacuum is generated by a pneumatic vacuum unit and can be regulated depending on the suction strength required. A filter is fitted upstream of the vacuum generator to prevent it becoming contaminated, for example by chips. This filter can be cleaned as needed and reused.

The DepotVacuum can be used with all DepotMini versions. Combined with a DepotMini, the DepotVacuum therefore also ensures that particularly fragile micro-components are removed safely and deposited undamaged and in a traceable storage system.

Example application:

For micro-components with diameter of 0.2 - 8.0 mm.


  • Safe extraktion of particularly fragile micro-components 
  • Traceable parts deposit without damage when combined with a DepotMini
  • Extraction hose length up to 1.5 m


Hose diameter in mm Part diameter in mm
2.5 1.5
4.0 3.0
6.0 5.0
7.5 6.5
9.0 8.0

Hose from DepotMini into the machine


Hose in machine opposite the opposed spindle


Vacuum generator also installed in the machine

Download and documents

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