Roboter und Einleger

Robots and feeders

Robots for grouping and Placement of flowpacks into reusable containers

MECHA AG realises systems for the grouping of Flowpacks coming from a filling an sealing machine. The Flowpacks are grouped into groups of six by a servo axis and then placed in layers in a reusable container using a Delta robot with vacuum grippers.

Different formats can be realised through the replacement of format parts. This requires a range of different grouping and placement patterns.

The reusable containers are fed via a roller conveyor belt, separated, and transported to the filling station. The full reusable containers are transported out of the robotic cell via a roller conveyor belt.

In addition, Mecha AG has also designed a feeder that separates the individual products and inserts them into the filling and sealing machine. Both systems can be operated with up to 120 items per minute.