A label packer to bundle single packs into multipacks with side labelling

Bundling single packs into multipacks with labelling on the side offers the customer a flexible option for creating special offer packs, and guarantees the consumer an overview of the remaining packs.

Multipax is a label packer specifically designed for this purpose, offering simple, fast set-up and tool change times thanks to the use of different format sets. An infeed conveyor belt transports the single packs from the production system to the Multipax stacking shaft. Depending on requirements and the intended use, multipacks are made up of 2 to 8 single packs using a label attached to the side. Both the labelled multipacks and unlabelled single packs can be transferred directly for further processing in boxes and do not require repackaging.

If required, the Multipax can be ordered together with the flexible XTS transport system, with cams automatically adjustable to the relevant package length. This enables maximum flexibility with minimum retooling work required. If single packs or formats that don't require labelling have to be transported through the Multipax, the system can be equipped with an additional bypass belt.

In particular, snack products such as crackers, biscuits, cereal bars, crispbread and cheese or confectionery such as chocolate bars, sweets, and chewing gum are suitable for labelling and bundling into multipacks.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Flexibility in terms of size of the single packs and multipacks (2 – 8 single packs)
  • Side labelling
  • Different format sets enable rapid retooling and set-up times
  • No additional re-packaging necessary (saves packaging time and costs)
  • Reduces packaging waste
  • A bypass can be used to transfer single packs directly for further processing in boxes
  • The system can also be operated with two rows
  • Product change, country-specific designs and languages can also be implemented by simply changing the label